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The AN-124 Ruslan cargo plane build by the Antonov ASTC in Kiev, Ukraine is a very large cargo aircraft with a payload capacity of up to 120 tons. The aircraft is designed for long range delivery of heavy and oversized cargoes. A new version, the AN-124-100M-150 has been developed and entered service with increased payload capacity from 120t to 150t, the take-off weight increased from 392t to 402t and the flight range with 120t cargo increased from 4.650 km to 5.400 km The crew has been reduced to four. The digital anti-skid braking system has been fitted with monographite wheel brake disks.

New avionics quadruple redundant system made by Honeywell installed. High rough-field capacity multi-leg landing gear and the loading equipment ensure self-sufficient operation of the aircraft on prepared concrete runways and on poorly equipped unpaved strips at forward airbases close to the areas of operations where the cargo is needed.

The landing gear is self-orienting and incorporates a kneeling mechanism which allows an adjustable fuselage clearance to assist the loading and unloading of self-propelled equipment.

The aircraft has paradropping and cargo-handling equipment and a 1.000-test point onboard automatic test system as well as two auxiliary power units equipped with electric generators and turbopumps for independent operation of the aircraft. The aircraft fuselage has a double-deck layout. The upper deck is for crew members and passengers ( 88 seats ). The lower deck is the cargo hold. The total volume of the cargo deck is 1050m3.

The two cargo hatches are a distinctive structural feature. The fuselage nose can be hinged upward to open the front cargo hatch and there is a rear cargo hatch in the rear of the fuselage to speed up the cargo loading and unloading operations. The on-board system of cargo handling equipment makes it possible to load and unload the aircraft without the help of ground facilities. The paradropping and cargo-handling equipment comprise two traveling cranes, two winches, rollgang and tiedown equipment. The unique transport capabilities and the high performance of the aircraft have been proven in operation. The AN-124 has served many nations in transportation of economically important cargoes and some international organizations including the United Nations.

Technical data:

Cabin crew 8-10 people
Technical crew 10-14 people
Maximum speed 865km/h (540m/h)
Cruising speed 800km/h (500m/h)
Flight range with maximum payload 4500km (2810m)
Maximum take-off weight 92000kg (8620001b)
Empty weight 75000kg (3850001b)
Maximum payload 150000kg (3306931b)
Minimum runway length with maximum payload 3000m (10000ft)
Runway length with normal payload 2520m (7585ft)
Landing run 900m (2700ft)
Engine thrust 4x23400kgf
Fuel consumption 12t/h(3160gal)
Maximum fuel capacity 214000kg (56000gal)
Inner dimensions of cargo department: length x width x height 36,5m x6,4m x4,4m (120ft x 21ft x 14.5ft)
Cargo doors dimensions: front and rear 6,4m x4,4m (21.1ft x 14.5ft)

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