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Extreme Cargo Group
Across the continent, across the globe


Thanks for visiting our site. We, at Extreme Cargo Group, are serving the international community around the globe with air transportation for super heavy, extreme size cargoes using the biggest planes in the world.

For your immediate needs seven AN-124 planes with cargo capacity of up to 150 tons and one AN-225 unique air cargo lifter with capacity of up to 250 tons are available.

The versatility and sophistication of onboard loading and unloading equipment together with incredible take-off and landing abilities made the planes a high-demand air-transportation vehicles anywhere in the world when an unusual in size or weight cargoes must be moved out or delivered to.

The wide list of our customers around the world made of private civilian companies, government contractors and agencies, military contractors and agencies, UN and international relief agencies have a remarkable high rate of satisfaction and appreciation.

Within few hours of receiving your request we will land our cargo planes at the point of loading.

If there is a need for a special loadmaster to prepare the shipment for loading before take-off, we will send ahead of time our team specialist.

Using the one of a kind cargo planes, our expertise in technical support, knowledge and creativeness of our engineers, technicians, pilots and ground support people will make your heavy lift an easy and worry-less operation.

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